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Program Offerings

Where her brokenness meets the Cross


Healing the Mind through Christian Counseling, Personalized Care Plans and Addiction Meetings

Core Purpose

To give formerly incarcerated women a second chance in life, by helping her become a successful and productive woman in today's society


Meet our Executive Director & Founder

In 2004, Brenda Baker went on a Walk to Emmaus.  After her weekend, she learned about prison ministry.  Her immediate thought was "why not go right where the broken lives are?" And from then on, Christ Center for Hope was born.  Christ laid the incarcerated women on her heart and asked her to help them get a second chance when they are released from prison.  Brenda believes that with Christ's help, these women can be transformed into productive and successful women in today's society.  Christ gives us a second chance every day and they are no different. 


Healing her Spirit through  sound Biblical  teaching

Community Service

Community Networking in order to create an opportunity for the women to give back, gain employment experience, and increase their self esteem.


Healing the Body through Health and Wellness education